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We are the top performance coaching firm serving top performaning companies. In fact, “best place to work”survey named 7 of our clients in the top 10 list.*1 Most of our clients contact us because they have high ambition beyond their current capabilities. We assist you and your team to create new level of strategies and management process to induce break-though to achieve such ambitious goals. Although most of our consultants are Japanese natives, we have a few great consultant serving great English speaking CEOs. ( *1 Based on THE GREAT PLACE TO WORKR INSTITUTE 2010,2011 survey)

We prepared 1 page web site for though English speaking future clients. If you are intrigued with our short history and interested in creating your future in a new perspective, your next step is to contact us!


As of July 2011, the Sugoikaigi, high perfomance operating system, method has been deployed at Johnson&Johnson, Exxon-Mobile, IBM Business Consulting Services, Honda, Tyco International, British Airways, SCETI, Novo Nordisk, Murata, NTT Advertisements, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ISI-Dentsu, NTT Data Technologies, NHN-Japan, Taiyo Nissan, Disco, SMBC Consulting, Canon Marketing Japan, Fujitsu, San Micro Systems, among many other Jpanese and international companies.

Who's Zen

Zen, The Serial Entrepreneur : The Making of a Performance-based Leader

ZENI’m often credited with being a “serial entrepreneur”, which is a distinction I claim from the varied degrees of success I’ve enjoyed from a wide variety of business activities. And yet, my beginnings are quite humble.

In fifth grade, I began my first business venture through my friendship with a Mr. Nakayama, by issuing stocks to fellow classmates for part of a fictitious company, through which we enjoyed our first board of directors meeting. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this seemingly modest activity would pave the way for a host of other, sometimes simple, sometimes much more sophisticated entrepreneurial endeavors that would define my professional life.

Fast forward to college: In addition to my schooling, I worked part-time for Schlumberger, a French petroleum exploration company, doing site-speculating in Brunei and Indonesia, through which I managed to save approximately ten million yen. I used that money as capital to fund Value Exchange International, a small information consulting company in Okubo, Tokyo, Japan, where my main task was to share Japanese technological information with companies outside of Japan.

These activities deepened my business knowledge and experience, but they came nowhere near satisfying my appetite for entrepreneurialism. Indeed, the most important endeavor of my life was still to come.

In 1998, I went to the United States amid the high-tech commercial boom to practice windsurfing and to work on an Internet-based marketing idea I shared with a friend. All throughout that year, I worked exhaustively with venture capital companies to raise the money needed?the equivalent of nearly one billion yen?to fund Gazooba corp., an Internet marketing firm in Silicon Valley.

Through great ideas and diligence, Gazooba grew from the onset and thrived, employing seventeen employees within the first six months of business. However, as with many promising companies, Gazooba was limited in its resources and reached a plateau. Our staff members were passionate, talented, and full of ideas, but our innovation and hard work could only carry us so far. Despite apparent demand in the marketplace for our services, our people became bogged down in administrative tasks and unable to effectively prioritize. Our income was flattening, our dynamism slipping. Accordingly, we searched for answers.

This is how I first learned about the art of “Management Coaching”.

One particularly impressive consultant I met with referred to himself as a Management Coach, and he assured me that he could provide the results we sought in getting our people and our firm back on track. Admittedly, I didn’t know what to expect at first, so I kept my distance, a bit skeptical of his approach. After several interviews, however, I agreed to his ideas and invited him to work with us. The results were nothing short of amazing!

Within six weeks, with the help of the Management Coach, we transformed the atmosphere of our company and began to grow again. We regained the dynamism and spirit that had once occupied the hearts and minds of our talented staff, and we took our business to the next level, going on to triple the size of our enterprise in the following six months. By 2001, our remarkable success had attracted the attention of many in the technology sector, and we eventually decided to sell our company under a very lucrative agreement. Above all, my experience at Gazooba was the inspiration behind my next, most important enterprise: Management Coaching.

Zen, The Management Coach : Leveraging Expertise to Create High Performance Organizations

I was so impressed with the impact that the Management Coaching had had on our company that I decided to explore Management Coaching as a profession, and eventually aligned with Management Associates USA, Inc., a Management Coaching firm. I began to train as a Management Coach with a single-minded purpose: to add maximum value to companies by unifying my energy, entrepreneurial skills, and business management experience in providing Management Coaching services.

Today, I work with business owners, top management, and section managers, who wish to make progress in taking their respective businesses to the next level.

Most recently, I have provided coaching on the following subjects: Creating High-Performance Teams; Meetings: the Tools for Synergy and Achievement; and, Motivating the Local Workforce (for global companies). In these areas, I am optimistic that my services are having a significant impact. But don’t take my word for it. Please read the testimonials from my clients.

Zen, The Public Speaker : Sharing Knowledge; Building Networks of Value

In addition to my work as a Management Coach, I am also a Public Speaker, lecturing on a variety of topics, including the following: American-Style Management Coaching in Japan: Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur; What’s “So Much the Same” about Creating High-Performance Teams in Japan and U.S.A.; and Conducting Extraordinary Business Meetings: A Cross-Cultural Application.

Among the more prominent venues at which I have spoken is the Japan Society in New York, where I lectured on “Internet Commerce”. Watch for my upcoming events at the Tokyo-American Club and the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Zen, The Author : Sharing Knowledge; Defining the Approaches to Better Business

BOOK BOOK In complement to my efforts at helping companies improve business operations, I have authored several business publications related to my professed management approaches. Some of my recent publications include: “Sugoi Kaigi” (Fall, 2005) [Eng. translation: Great Meetings], which sold over 120,000 copies in Japan; “Sugoi Yarikata” (January, 2004) [Extraordinary Methods]; “Sugoi Kigyo” [Extraordinary Entrepreneurship]; and “Sugoi Kaiketsu” [Extraordinary Problem Solving]. Summery version of Sugoikaigi is now available in English as “WOW a handbook for life” (available through your local book store or


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Case Study

Neways Japan President Terry White

Terry WhiteIn this segment, Mr. Ohashi speaks with Terry White, President and Representative Director of Neways Japan, about the Neways engagement with Sugoi Kaigi, and how the results are impacting the Neways organization...

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Bristol-Myers Squibb Leader of pharmacovigilence group Jean-David Kabe Rafi-Zadeh

Jean-DavidI was looking for someone who could help me understand the real and honest feelings of my management team?what the Japanese call hon-ne...

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Johnson and Johnson, Inc. President David Powell

President David PowellI was looking for someone who could help me understand the real and honest feelings of my management team?what the Japanese call hon-ne...

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Plan ? Do ? See, Inc. President Yutaka Noda

“It’s difficult to always make yourself understood when communicating with colleagues, your spouse, and your best friends. And unless you disclose the truth about yourself, good or bad, it’s impossible to trust. In terms of management, there are some truths that you won’t face effectively until you write your problems down. Writing problems down facilitates managerial efficiency, and this is complemented by voluntary commitment. [Zen Ohashi’s] Management Coach method made an impact in these areas. The profit that Management Coach produced for us is worth at least \5,000,000JPY. I definitely recommend Management Coach to anyone believing that if people change, a company will change.”

KSB Setonaikai Broadcasting President Koichiro Kato

“I was fortunate to have attended Mr. [Zentaro] Ohashi’s seminars and sessions from the beginning, when I first thought of using management coaching. There are numerous seminars and services to teach you coaching techniques; however, as far as I am concerned, Mr. Zentaro Ohashi is the only consultant who can support managers with implementation and achievement in their respective companies. Therefore, I recommend his programs for those who wish to improve as managers or to expand a company, regardless of whether or not you are interested in coaching.”

Honando Co., Ltd. President Hiroyuki Kitada

“‘Garbage ideas’ are NOT garbage! ‘Coming up with answers in 5 seconds’ is absolutely true! Zentaro [Ohashi] is a magician with words. He will provide you with the methods for success!” President

“Our newly installed “Management OS” (Management Operating System) made a big impact on our company and our lives. Thanks to the systematic approach, we learned that all you need to carry out plans effectively is merely a willingness to try. Although this doesn’t necessarily make the situation easier, it stimulates you and makes your life more exciting. You can tell just by looking at Mr. Zentaro Ohashi.”

Nissen Board of Director Nobuya Samura

“Straightforwardness is the word that I use to explain the change produced by [Zentaro Ohashi’s] Management Coach method. In meetings and conferences, we used to end up with vague conclusions, such as “This might be right.” or “ Why don’t we try this?”. Now, we come up with detailed questions that lead to a commitment, such as “What time will this job get done?”, “Who’s responsible?”, “Which department should we turn to for cooperation?”, and “What will be accomplished?”. For those who want to end the meeting in a productive way, these questions and issues are difficult to manage. We must have the atmosphere in which people are compelled to act and results are achieved. At the same time, we must take action faster than before.”

Itochu Petroleum Sales Co., Ltd President Kaoru Kato

“We have not only changed the way we conduct our meetings, we’ve also started to express opinions more openly as a result of our experience with Management Coach [Zentaro Ohashi]. Now, both good and bad news are out in the open for discussion and solutions. In addition, managers learned the skill to conduct meetings on their own and to solve problems continuously. With the Management Coach, we realized the results we expected.”

A Major Foreign-affiliated Management Consulting Firm Chief Officer

“By taking the one-day session, we were able to clarify mutual goals, mutual challenges, the roles we must play, and the strategies we must plan in order to tackle the challenges we face. We realized that we are expected to take roles that do not simply put a person in charge, but which impact our projects. We could see the difference between the Default OS and the Positive High-performance Management OS. A Default OS only pursues “Who’s wrong?”, “Make corrections”, “What kind of problems are going to occur?”. A Positive Management OS pursues “How can it work better?”, “Let’s go for it.”, “How can we get better results?”. A Positive OS can also be used in your daily life, in addition to collaborations with staff members.”

Information Services International Dentsu Kotaro Suzuki, Director of Financial Information System Dept.

“In our department, we introduced [Zentaro Ohashi’s] Management Coach method to change the consciousness of managers engaged in product development. We’ve been aiming to break away from conventional methods of management and transform our organization to respond to changes with action versus simply information exchange. I believe that Management Coach will be the catalyst in spreading this remarkable idea to all businesspeople.”

Information Services International Dentsu Haruo Iwata, Executive Director

“Mr. Ohashi is always aggressive in a positive way. He will provide you with the energy to embrace your challenges.”

Tsuneishi Corporation Katsunari Kamihara, President

“Thanks to Mr. Ohashi’s advice, we were able to devise an effective mid-term management plan, and our business has been doing well ever since!”

Actcell Corporation Hitoshi Funabashi, President

“‘Management OS’ is the best guide to follow in order to transform your organization from a conventional supervisory style of management to management based on people voluntarily creating value.”

Netyear Group Corporation Satoshi Koike, CEO

“Once our new Management OS was installed, management challenges and various unsolved issues were sorted out, and action plans were implemented under the guidance of clear goals and timeframes.”

St. Raphael Shonan Chapel Tatsuya Tamura, Representative

“Great! Wonderful effects! It’s the best Management Coaching method to transform from locomotive management to bullet train management.”

Food Culture Institute, Inc (Restaurant Kurosawa) Takayuki Sakurai, CEO

“The Management OS commonly used in the period of rapid economic growth was for controlling management resources amid growing markets. However, in the present, unstable business environment, we won’t even be able to survive unless we sharpen our senses and focus on society as a whole, and try to identify and solve problems in a timely, effective manner. The HPOS (High Performance Management OS) is exactly what is necessary.”

Management Coach Performance Record in the United States

In the U. S, Management Coach has been introduced to the following companies*: Lucent Technologies CSC Index AOL Softbook Symantec E*Trade Sprint Canada Telecom NEC Apple Rover Group Accenture PriceWaterhouse United Distillers Paramount *The Management Coach method has been introduced via one of our licensors, Management Associates.